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Commercial Litigation

Our practice in commercial litigation is quite diverse. Bruce Claugus has prosecuted claims of trademark and copyright infringement and the misappropriation of trade secrets. We also have litigated construction, natural resource, and supply contracts. We have enforced fiduciary obligations, natural resource interests, and fee agreements. We have resolved disputes arising from investor, shareholder, and member relations and acted to recover fund investments against internationally known banking institutions and brokers. We have collected against various issuers of commercial paper.

We also have defended a wide variety of actions. We have chaired the joint defense committee in litigation against officers, directors, and affiliates of a publicly traded company and have defended class action allegations of violations of the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act and predatory lending, as well as foreclosure proceedings and claims of copyright infringement. Whether plaintiffs or defendants, our clients have run the gamut of the different forms of entities and individuals of various standings.