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About Us

Claugus & Mitchell LLP was founded by Bruce Claugus on January 1, 1992, to provide incisive representation in the practice of law. The Firm carries an AV® Peer Review Rating by Martindale Hubbell®, the highest rating given.

Bruce Claugus and Clyde Mitchell focus its practice in the areas of commercial transactions, intellectual property, litigation, and transactions with individuals and businesses based in both the developed and the emerging markets. Our services are direct and decisive and, within these disciplines, we guide our clients through the entirety of their needs.

We are an integrated team of attorneys who have extensive training and decades of experience. Our cross-disciplinary practice enables us to deliver innovation, leadership, and efficiency to each matter we undertake. Our transactional and litigation practices inform one another resulting in excellence in the practice of law.

Claugus & Mitchell is small and small by choice. We believe the practice of law to require creativity, speed, agility, and close attention to detail in order to achieve results of high quality. These requirements are best satisfied through a closely interactive relationship between the lawyer and the client, making the practice of law a very personal undertaking. Large enterprises are not well equipped to establish such a relationship or to meet these requirements. Bruce Claugus & Clyde Mitchell can and does. The advantage this gives us has given rise to an established record of success against much larger adversaries.